Friday, 2 February 2007

Denmark is still pretty...

but not as pretty as last Saturday: no snow. The other half got all excited about the snow and went and frolicked in it at 1 am because it was falling (we're both Australian, all right? We don't get to see much snow), and then when she came in she was so excited that I put on my boots and my coat and went and frolicked with her. There was snow. There was a frozen lake. There were disgruntled ducks and swans. What more could one want? Our (British) guest very sensibly went to bed.
It has turned out that I need to stay here another week now, work got stuffed up a bit. I was originally going to go home Friday and return on Tuesday... but the thought of losing either a full work day (it takes 6 hours door-to-door each way) or 10 - 12 hours of my weekend filled me with dread.
Stupid company reduced its QA resource on a particular product to 1 person, put out a new patch and a) didn't test some fairly basic things and b) accepted the existence of a bug which they should not have released it with. So I'm wandering through the validation scripts for a company, should have been a straightforward exercise and... I'm stuck in Copenhagen for another week. And I feel bad for the client, for whom it should have been a straightforward, no-angst exercise.
Never mind. I have to move apartments on Saturday morning, but the company I'm renting from have very kindly allowed me to move in a 9am instead of 3pm - so that I can do some shopping!
Yes, there may be yarn-related purchases, and if there aren't there will be other purchases.
I am under strict instructions from the other half to do some present shopping for family/friends based on what we saw last weekend... Such lovely things. Not cheap, but lovely. And I've got my eye on a couple of things for presents too. We need to buy things early, it takes so long to send things to Aus. Hey, the way I'm going at the moment I think I could send some of them sea-mail, which isn't a bad idea considering the cost of postage! I'm being unusually organised for me - in the last year or so I've been sending things on people's birthdays (or, memorably, actually after Christmas day) and apologising. I'm trying to do better this year.
I have made a little progress on the SSSS, just 4 rows but I think it will look lovely. I just need to remember to buy a needle with an appropriately large eye this weekend for russian joining: the yarn has quite a few breaks, and I can't stand weaving in ends. Russian joins seem so much tidier and more sensible.
I have an idea in the back of my brain which needs a few different colours of yarn, some circulars and some double-points. These supplies are one of my goals this weekend. Work can pay the baggage fine if it's overweight, damn them.

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