Thursday, 15 February 2007

2 rows a day

SSSS (Sari Silk Sideways Scarf) is slowly growing. I've set myself a goal of two rows a day, which doesn't seem very much, but I'm a slow knitter, I don't have huge swathes of time in which to knit, and they're very long rows. Over 6 feet long, in fact.

I bought 2 skeins each of Sari Silk Solid colours in Spice, Russet and Deep Red. The deep red was so lovely that I bought 6 more skeins and squirrelled all of it away. Spice and Russet together, while pretty, lacked something. So I dyed one skein of the Spice with Grape Kool Aid (plus a little Tropical Punch) and one skein of the Russet with Tropical Punch Kool Aid (Plus a little Grape). The result it better: although the Russet and dyed Russet are very close in colour, I think it's still OK. The Spice dyed well and I'm happy with both colours.

I'm hoping to get it finished in time for my next trip: Boston, leaving Friday 23rd in the evening. And since I'm staying there two weeks I've been working
out what to order from Knitpicks. I may not get another opportunity for a while...

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