Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sad closure of local manufacturer

A few years ago I discovered Standardknit, a knit fabric manufacturer located in Botany. As well as catering to businesses, home sewers could go to their stock service showroom and buy fabrics by the metre (although one could only buy lengths of 5 metres or more... how terrible to be forced to buy such quantities!).

Sadly, they have had to cease manufacturing although their stock service is still open until their stock is cleared.

I managed to buy two rolls, one of organic cotton 1*1 rib in white, and another of light weight cotton single jersey in natural. Lovely though it is to have these on hand, I will miss their cheerful service and the ready availability of so many plain knit fabrics in wonderful colours. It is so rare to be able to buy locally manufactured fabrics and know that they were made under Australian working conditions.

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