Friday, 20 July 2007

succumbing to socks

I have finally decided that it might be time for me to dip my toe into the murky waters of sock-knitting. My reasons are as follows:

  • I have thick, sturdy legs, puffy ankles and wide, paddle-like feet. Finding comfortable socks is not an easy task
  • I get blisters easily, and am irritated by toe seams
  • I can't stand the leg constriction caused by socks being made for people with less tree-like calves
  • Custom-made socks are clearly the answer
  • I need to replace the walking-boot socks I bought in Germany when I was ten because a) I can only find one of them and b) they are very slightly too small as my feet have grown a tiny bit since I bought them (though not much. I stopped growing altogether at 11).


  • Toe-up
    • I really, really need to try on as I go
  • Not a short-row heel
    • They don't seem to be kind to large ankles
  • Both socks at the same time
    • My gague is inconsistent and I am terrified that it will change, thus giving me two socks of different sizes
    • I am very likely to finish the first sock and stop. What could be worse than having just one comfortable sock?
  • DK-weight yarn
    • I'm not a quick knitter and this will hopefully make it a relatively short first-sock-knitting-experience


That's the plan, anyway.

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