Saturday, 28 July 2007

protecting the toys

As partners of those who buy portable electronic gadgets must know, it is important to protect the toys. They're sensitive to dust and knocks and scratches and a whole host of other ills. And they're damned expensive.

Earlier this year I ran up the following bag for a PSP. Said PSP already lives in a hard case, but the case has open sections which, I have been informed, let grit in. This cannot be. Enter a garish bag constructed out of sample squares of fleece and a ribbon left over from a Georg Jensen present. The materials used can be explained by the fact that I ran it up in a hurry the night before I left for a two week business trip.

toy bag 1

The household then acquired a DS Lite. It acquired a hard case, with similar open sections. It's taken me a couple of months but...
knitpicks memories swatchKnitpicks Memories in Redwood knitted on the Bond (previously shown on 19 05 2007)
toy bag 2 - feltedfelted
toy bag 2 - foldedfolded
toy bag 2 - cordgiven a cord
toy bag 2 - sewnsewn up the base and sides
toy bag 2 - in useand put to use
toy bag 2 - corner detailcan you tell the light was fading? Detail by lamplight.
The twisted cord was made using a couple of metres of yarn, a doorknob, a ball-wider with the cone removed and the brief participation of my patient partner:

  • double the yarn
  • hook the middle around a doorknob so that you have two ends each of doubled yarn
  • start twisting manually
  • realise it's going to take several millenia
  • investigate the ball-winder, remove its cone, stick the yarn ends through the convenient slits in the bit that goes around, tie ends under base
  • turn the wrong way for a while, swear and turn the other way
  • at the point at which the cord doubles up on itself twistily if you walk toward the doorknob, yell for your partner
  • ask her to unhook the yarn from the doorknob
  • grab the yarn at its approximimate midpoint and then hand the free end to your partner to hold with the other end
  • massage the yarn by smoothing it from the free ends your partner is holding towards the folded end you have until all the little twisty bits give up and you have a nice flat cord
  • tie an overhand knot in the free ends and snip the ends to even them up

Gosh. It's an FO.

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