Sunday, 3 June 2007

Wilting in the heat

I'm back in Boston for 15 days, hopefully the last time I'll need to do this for a while. Not that I dislike Boston, but I'd really like to spend some time and home with my other half.
Yesterday was muggy and revolting: I don't like heat and I don't like humidity. Anyone with any sense would have stayed inside in the airconditioning. Not me, no, I had to go on a yarn shop hunt.
I've been wanting to visit Circles for some time, but have never made it out there. A commuter train and a T ride and there I was. Stunning collection of yarn and patterns, extremely friendly staff and a place to knit. I knitted and talked to the staff member on duty for over an hour - so nice to be able to take refuge from the heat in such serene surroundings.
I bought Elsebeth Lavold's The Embraceable You Collection here. Now that is a lovely, lovely book. I may never knit anything from it directly, but it's certainly given me some ideas. Mmmmm. Welting...
A colleague and good fried of mine is here with me until Tuesday, so I met up with her for dinner at Prezza. We'd been there once before and were craving the flourless chocolate cake. I also had the tomato, mozarella and basil plate, plus the figs in proscuitto. Superb...
Clapotis decreases slowly.

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