Tuesday, 2 January 2007

So, I appear to have started a blog

I read quite a few blogs, mostly knitting blogs which give me great pleasure. I have no idea if anyone will read this one, but I am blogging partly to amuse myself, anyway.

Because I travel a lot, it often feels to me that I don't get much done in the textile related realm. I'm hoping that having a blog will

  • encourage me to finish things so that I can post something other than '[project x] still gathering dust' or 'completely failed to start [project y] due to [business, inertia, unexpected travel, illness]'; and
  • give me the ability to look at what I've done over time and not feel so bad about my lack of productivity.
Typically, somehow, my first post is only partly textile related. My lovely darling of a partner gave me an enormous set of pixelblocks for Christmas. They're so cool. I had a little difficulty photographing them due to issues with the light at this latitude at this time of year, but I'm trying.

nanimal pb

blossom tree pb

stripe bg pb

There are a couple of other things I did actually manage managed to get done in 2006 and earlier:

Some time in 2005 (I think I finished it for Christmas) I knitted my other half a scarf. It was sideways knitted garter stitch on 4mm needles in Rozetti Panda (which I have never since found on the net or in a shop and which knits up into a cozy fleece-like fabric) and some other (gedifra?) fancy yarn which has both loops and fluffy bits. It took me something like 3 months of daily train journeys to knit, thus proving that I am not and probably never will be a fast knitter, is about 300 cm long and 15 cm wide. I may have overestimated the number of stitches to cast on and I cast off much more loosely than I cast on (I'd read rather more about knitting by then) and it displays some interesting curvature as a result, but the recipient likes it and it allowed me to convert to continental knitting, which I find easier on my hands.

first scarf full

first scarf closeup

I knitted two bowls and have felted one. We keep keys, coins and random pocket-dross in there.
Both bowls are knitted in
Twilley's Freedom Wool, bought while on holiday in Ireland. They were possibly knitted with on 5mm needles. The creature is from Barbara Walker's Mosaic Knitting.

Twilley's Freedom Wool

bowl 1 - pre-felting

bowl 1 - post-felting

bowl 2 - pre-felting 1

bowl 2 - pre-felting 2

I also started some experimental knitting based on hyperbolic surfaces due to reading this article and this article on crocheting hyperbolic surfaces, and this pattern. I frogged my first attempt, not really frilly enough (although it frilled up a little when I took it off the needles) and I'd prefer to try it in the round anyway. Laugh if you wish. I am at home with my inner Aspergers child.

Hyperbolic plane attempt 1