Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Clapotis (contemplated for over a year)

I've had this lovely thick and thin merino/lambswool yarn bought off ebay (from The Knittery, who now have a lovely online store) ageing in my stash over 3 years and two countries. I've got around 750 metres of it (calculated by putting the skeins on a swift, measuring the circumference of the skein and then counting the number of strands. Very high-tech). The idea that it might have a Clapotis in it has been hovering around the edges of my brain for over a year, but I wasn't sure that a thick and thin Clapotis should be done. I finally got my act together, looked on the net, where there was proof that think and thin Clapotis have been knitted and, in an unusual fit of practicality, even made a swatch.

knittery handspun merino thick and thin

clapotis swatch purl side

clapotis swatch knit side

The yarn is now wound into 3 balls (actually 4: I caught some of yarn around the winder axle and by the time I noticed it was so badly mangled that I had to cut it. However, this just means that ball 1 is in two parts: an important distinction for ensuring that I don't run out of yarn). I am going to use the technique given here of knitting the first ball, working out how many repeats I've done, knitting the second ball and then joining the third ball and doing the same number of repeats as I got out of ball one before starting the decreases.
I cast on and finished my first increase row before getting off the train this morning.

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